Security The Right Way

Falu Security, LLC

Security Officer and Executive Protection

  • Falu Security offers the services of both armed and unarmed security guards at up to a moments notice. We have the ability to dispatch one or a number of security officers in a short amount of time with both unarmed and armed capacities.

  • We are the only security company in our region who offers executive protection services with officers who have completed a certified executive protection course.

  • Falu Security's armed officers are provided continual training as armed officers to ensure that the client is receiving a quality trained officer on the level of a police officer.

SNAPS Video Verification Service

  • Falu Security offers a subscription based model that is currently used by law enforcement agencies in the United States and Canada. The program allows for real time and recorded video deployment instantly from the command center to dispatched vehicles on the fly.

  • Falu Security has the ability to monitor a multitude of locations from our command center. Which in turn provides our clients with the ability to monitor their own business without security guards.